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Fun Conversations and a Different Perspective.

The Stephone Show is one man's journey into the stories of the people, places, and things around him. This podcast covers his thoughts about various topics, his opinion on current events, and the occasional rant. The show introduces new information and thoughts about different industries and the creative process. Stephone brings his own unique view on things to the table, along with a-lot of other topics, so if you are looking for a podcast that's not afraid to ask it like it is or at least be entertained by! Come along for the ride. You might just learn something.

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The Stephone Show | Velvet Enterprise & Co. LLC 2022

Season 2

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Learn about ESOPs in India

Sahil Talwar, Head of Customer Success –EquityList

Episode Released: 6 Sept 2020

Episode BriefIn a country that is low on Financial Literacy, Equities, ESOPs can be confusing for someone who has been offered some or has an opportunity to take them up. In collaboration with EquityList by AngelList India we bring you this episode which gives you the basics of ESOPs, Tax structure in India & some must knows.

Learn about Skillsets in Building Startups

Misbah Ashraf, Co-Founder/CEO – Marsplay

Episode Released: 13 Aug 2020

Episode BriefThe topic of skills divide us as makers, designers & product managers.. Everyday you hear an opinion on what skills a makers should have. Should be a generalist or a specialist? Especially, when you are looking to run your startup do any of these skills even matter? What goes beyond just these skills?

Learning by Doing & Leading Products

Shivangi Srivastava, VP Product – Khatabook

Episode Released: 19 Jul 2020

Episode BriefHow do you actually learn more about something? It’s actually by doing the work. This method of learning by doing and putting yourself on the line can you give you actually teach you a lot more than going to a college for an MBA. We at Hireworthy had the privilege to talk to one of the most driven product leaders in the country, Shivangi Srivatsava who is the VP of Product at Khatabook. Shivangi shares her intuitive career journey and her thought process on building an organisation with strong product principles.

Hireworthy Season 2 - Introduction

Madhuri Maram, Host – Hireworthy Podcast

Episode Released: 19 Jul 2020

Episode BriefWe're back with another season of the Hireworthy Podcast. Hear us out on what the focus for this season is and what you can expect. Let's begin this journey!

Season 1

Last Ranking in Apple Podcasts: #59

Reflections at the End of Season 1

Madhuri Maram, Host – Hireworthy Podcast

Episode Released: 15 May 2020

Learning to Lead a team with Core Values

Aastha Gaur, UX Lead – Google Ads

Episode Released: 1 May 2020

Episode BriefBeing a Lead and growing your team can seem daunting if we’re not well informed about how to approach it in a structured way. So, we reached out to Aastha Gaur at Google to understand more about how she nurtures her team with core values and great frameworks.

On Being a Freelance Remote Designer

Darshan Gajara, Product Designer – Graph CMS

Episode Released: 24 April 2020

Episode BriefThinking about being a design freelancer? Then this episode is for you! Listen to Darshan Gajara, talk to you about the ups and downs of freelance and remote life, building a newsletter to stay in touch and learn from the world.

Stephone Bryan | Velvet Enterprise & Co. LLC 2022